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Right now he’s sleeping and clinging to me. He’s too perfect. I’m so happy.

This is what I needed after my rough day.

Not a glass of wine. Not me quitting yet another job and giving up. Not me calling up my mom and complaining about life.

Just him holding me like this means everything to me and I want to savor every moment like this.

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I wrote this on a scrap piece of paper and put this in my boyfriends lunch bag when I made his meal for work :)

Dressed in a t-shirt
And ratty old sneakers

You still look so handsome
I fear another might steal you

Cause who needs style
When you smile that contagious smile
And why follow trends
With that lovely rear end

Your eyes, so light blue
With dark curls to compliment
Are an even better view
Than the most beautiful monuments

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I had a series of odd dreams last night.

One of them was about my brother. I walked up to him excited to talk to him in person rather than sending letters but I noticed he was talking to his army pals and they were listening and watching him like a pack of obedient dogs waiting for treats from their master. I didn’t want to take their attention away from him so I sat down with them and listened.

It must have been a weird coincidence because today I received another letter from my brother. He misses us a lot. He’s usually kind of unemotional so it’s nice to hear that from him. He doesn’t talk about emotional stuff that much.

Much like my boyfriend. He and Justin are a lot alike in that sense. That and they both play bass guitar and even though they’re both quiet, they’re both sweethearts to the people they love. I’m pretty sure they’re also both cancers, like from the zodiac I mean. I think they would get along really well. Hopefully they’ll meet when we go down to Texas next year.

Anyway another dream, I had a sister but she wasn’t actually my sister in real life. She was just some random woman. She died in my dream and I had to take care of her baby and everyone judged me for being a young mother even though I wasn’t even the biological mother. I don’t really remember much but I remember a part where I was in a restaurant with the baby trying to get water because she was dehydrated. I was really worried and anxious but when she drank the whole bottle I got a little more relaxed in spite of the girl next to me criticizing me and her boyfriend apologizing for her rude comments. I didn’t say a word to them but they continued arguing and the girlfriend left and took his car. He seemed really disappointed but only because of the fact that he wanted to get laid and that was my queue to leave. Then I got to the deceased woman’s house and apparently I was trying to cover up her death. Idk it was weird.

I know there were more dreams but I don’t really remember them well. I could somewhat describe them but I don’t really want to.

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